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So why do Finger spinners come with different price tags.

We aren’t experts, not yet! But from a tremendous amount of reading, video watching and reviews we can say that some of the higher price tags on finger spinners can be justified and some not so much.

First of all, as with most things in life, not all products are equally made, generally better quality calls for a higher cost price and the finger spinners are no exception to this rule of thumb. Materials used for both the spinner and bearings of these popular finger toys as well as the type of production process definitely contribute to the differing costs.

Your metal finger spinners – steel, titanium, copper and brass operate super quietly and very equally balanced resulting in smoother and longer spin.
3D printed fidget spinners are the cheaper choice, and even these have a variety of pricing. Whilst shopping around you’ll come across smooth or rough finishes, colour quality variances and a few other quality differences.  The 3D printed finger spinners seem to be a little louder than the others and aren’t quite as durable, however they are the most popular choice for children.

Then of course there are the bearings – the better quality they are, the longer and smoother the spin times and the more expensive the spinner becomes.  There are mainly 3 types of bearings used in fidget spinners

  1. All metal – 608 steel or r188 which are smaller in diameter.  These are the cheaper option, they can rust if exposed to moisture, and have the shortest spin time, however can be prepared to spin longer (once degreased)
  2. Hybrid ceramic – metal rings with ceramic balls, these are more  expensive but do have pro’s which include long spin times which only get better with use.
  3. All ceramic bearing – ideal for big enthusiasts, these are the most expensive, they have the longest out of the box spin time, look the best and need very little maintenance

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